View of the Susquehanna River at Unadilla from the early 1900's


This site is dedicated to all my lines that daughtered out and in doing so gave me a wide and varied lineage to search. It seems that every generation has new names that haven't appeared before. I am sure others feel the same way, but if they have a direct line down through the years that is only one name to search. You start out with one,next two and then with a direct line it is three instead of four. Simpler to do, right? Throw in an adoption or whatever and it gets harder, especially when they change the spelling from one generation to the next. Of course there is always the one who changes the spelling of the first name just to add spice to the mixture. My great great grandmother did that to me, now how am I expected to find her? I ask for clear legible records, ancestors that were kind and generous so they are remembered, and a completely filled out family bible. I suspect that is not what I will get. May everyone who reads this find serendipity in their work and ancestors climbing out of their trees to talk to them.

My Grandparents

feature 1 Frank H. Clancy
3 Aug 1871 - 10 Nov 1939

feature 2 Maud Miller
22 Feb 1872 - 26 Jan 1957

feature 3 Alvin W. Wright
13 May 1866 - 27 May 1936

feature 4 Nellie Plue
27 Nov 1877 - 11 Dec 1912

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